Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tour Of My Bedroom!


Hi guys!

So, I know it's been a really long time since I last posted on this blog, but tonight I'd figure I make up for it with a quick 'tour of my room'. My bedroom is probably where I spend most of my time when I'm in my house, and is like my little get-away-haven. Unfortunately I've had to share a room with my sister practically all my life, so we've had to make do with a very tiny room, which hasn't been easy (and has resulted in year's worth of squabbling over who's stuff goes where!)

Despite that, I'm actually pretty proud of how we've decorated and made the most out of our room despite our circumstances. After taking these photos and really getting an overall picture of how my room looks, I couldn't be happier with how it looks right now. It's certainly an improvement from the yellow walled safari-themed design we had going on when we were kids.

Since we 'assign' one half of the room to each other, I won't be showing any pictures of my sister's side, for privacy reasons and all that. Pretty sure that wouldn't go down well! But, I'll show you my half, and what I've done with my little bit of the room. Just because you have a small room, doesn't mean it can't look good!


This is my bedside area, and basically the centre of my universe. Me and my sister both have black bedding, as we decided this would be the main theme for our room - white walls with black features. We're yet to paint our door (which is still purple/lilac!) but I love how the rest of these colours look. Classy and elegant!

You can really identify our personalities through our different parts of the room, too - my sister's side of the room is predominantly black and red themed, whilst mine has a more black and pink vibe going on. And, seeing as I am quite a girly girl, I think this comes across evidently!

My touch lamp is one of my favvvourite things about my room. I got it from Range about a year or two ago as a Christmas present, and it's basically a skyline of New York City, which lights up gradually every time you touch it. I'm quite obsessed with city skylines, especially New York's. I've never been to the city but it's an absolute dream of mine to go, and I guess you could say there's also a theme of this spread around my room.

The next pride and joy of mine is this stylish, antique looking chest of drawers. I bought this from Dunelm Mill just a few months ago actually, as the drawer on my old bedside desk had broken off, and I desperately needed a new one! I love the metallic, silver finish, and a piece of statement furniture like this can really transform the look and feel of a room. I got this for around £70 I think, but in my opinion it looks so much more expensive!

Also love the bow detail!

On my desk I have my Chanel book given to me as a gift from a friend, which I've yet to read but am loving the look it gives as a fashion piece for my room. My phone which is always near, a photo block of my family and I in France which you can just about see, and my 'Bright Ideas' notebook to jot down all my bright ideas (or anything I feel like). I love the look of the perfume bottles displayed on here, too, it really gives a classy feel - I'd love to buy an antique tray sometime soon to put them all in! Oh, and a Galaxy Bubbles chocolate bar - because who doesn't love chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, here's another of my prized possessions! I also got this from Dunelm Inn about two years ago, and I love it. This was when it was really trendy to have all those 'keep calm' things, and this one rang so true for me, I had to have it! I also love the pink colour - inner girly girl coming out again.

Oh, and the touch of gold fairy lights (or lights I kept in my room from Christmas, ahem) can really make a room look ten times cuter. As well as creating a beautiful bright glow of light in your room, they look so cute hung over picture frames or mirrors. I previously had mine on my bed frame, which was equally nice, but kept getting hidden behind my cushions. One of the bulbs actually burnt out though, unfortunately, so I'm yet to replace it so I can actually turn these on again!

This is the biggest picture frame I have in my room, but easily my favourite! I've had it for ages, and again, demonstrates my love and infatuation with New York City. The yellow Taxi's and image of Marilyn Monroe (also a role model of mine, might I add) I loved everything about it. Oh, and ignore that revision poster - that was when I was doing exams and had limited wall space!

No room is complete without a big mirror, I say, and this is the one I have above my bedside area. If you haven't read my fashion blog before, I have a huge obsession with everything leopard print, and it's just one of those designs I can't resist, on clothes and on furniture pieces. This one was from Instore for £19.00!

This is the more messy area of my room (excluding under my bed) but I like to think of it as 'organised mess'.  Ignore the pink towel with make-up brushes on flopped over my suitcase for a moment, as this is where my second set of drawers are. I have one specifically for college stuff, make-up, hair and bath stuff, and the top one for any random crap I like. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that ladder leads up to an attic. A bit of a nuisance as it takes up so much space in my room, but I learn to live with it.

On top of the shoe boxes (as I really have barely any space for my shoes) I keep my stacks of fashion magazines and random shopping bags. Easiest place to put 'em!

And lastly, another kinda bigger image of my area. I had the old desk here but I also have a TV attached to the end of my bed, which is pretty cool - oh, and the gorgeous soft throw which never leaves my bed.

What do you guys think of my room? Hope you all enjoyed the post - if you have any questions about anything you've seen, fire away!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fab weekend.

Emily x


  1. Wow i love it. Amazing pieces <3

    1. Hi Feenkus, thank you! And thanks for stopping by <3

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    1. Hi Kat,

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